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A meeting place for all lovers of companion birds.

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Name:For the Love of Parrots
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:For parrot lovers of all ages, shapes of sizes. To expand and strengthen their current knowledge.
Hello and welcome to [community profile] parrots_etc!
Just as the name suggests, this community is open to anyone interested in both parrots, and other species of birds commonly [and even uncommonly] kept as pets. This community exists to provide a wealth of knowledge to both new and old parrot owners and promote the health and well-being of our feathered friends. This community is a great place to share pictures, stories, news, and most of all, information supporting proper care and husbandry.

There are just a few pointers we suggest you read before joining and posting here at [community profile] parrots_etc!

1. Please be kind. Don't be outright rude to each other, and try and treat each other with respect!
2. Remember that most other members have both yours and your parrot's best interests at heart. Remember that sometimes the right information is not always what you want to hear. Our primary concern is for the well-being of your parrots.
3. Be honest! If you aren't certain on an answer to a question, don't answer. Or google it. Make sure you are not giving out any misinformation, as such can be deadly to your, or someone else's parrot!
4. Do not post here asking for major vet advice! We are not vets, vet techs or do we have the ability to give you medical advise for your animal! Chances are, if it looks or seems serious, it is! Give your avian vet a call and explain the situation, they will be 100% more likely to be able to give you advice than we can. Posting about hormonal issues, diagnosed behavioral plucking, or parrots with disabilities is something entirely different, we just are NOT capable to handling medical emergencies.
5. By all means, post pictures! All we ask is that they be a reasonable size and multiple pictures should be behind a cut! We enjoy pictures, but they should NOT hinder our Dreamwidth layouts, please!
6. There are NO stupid questions! Please ask away!


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